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How To Get A Sailing Athens?

While there, be sure to sample some of the famous Sofritos in one of the bistros or restaurants of Spianada. The beaches of Gouvia offer relaxation and water sports.

Visit the old citadel and the Palaio Frourio or the Achilleion palace and gardens. Located off the coast of Albania, the islands’ two mountain chains divide it into three districts. From both locations convenient day sails can be made to the other Ionian Islands, including Paxos and Ithaca.

The golden beaches and turquoise waters of the ionian islands
, which lie at 38 degrees 30 minutes north latitude and 20 degrees 30 minutes east longitude, show signs of habitation as early as the Bronze Age. Find glorious shopping in the afternoons and fine dining and nightlife in the evenings. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Greek villages dotted with white houses are set against turquoise water that shimmers under eternally blue skies.


Upon deletion an official ownership certificate will be issued from the Hellenic Registrar of Shipping. The solicitor will pay the full purchase price to the seller only after he has made sure that all legal and tax requirements have been taken care of by the seller and after all required documents have been handed over to him by the seller. You must send the balance of the purchase price to the solicitor in time to comply with the provisions negotiated when drafting the Memorandum of Agreement.

Your solicitor will pay this to the seller after all the necessary documents have been handed over to him. You normally pay a deposit of 10-20% of the purchase price to your solicitor as soon as possible in order to have a legally binding agreement. This Memorandum should be conditional on a survey.

The VAT rate in Greece is 19% but often you can negotiate with the sailor and it is not unknown for deals to be reached where you pay only an additional 5% and the Seller handles the payment of the remaining VAT. The extra they add to the ‘owner’s price’ can be quite considerable and leaves plenty of scope for negotiation. They then try to obtain as high a price as possible from the purchaser.

They will agree a price with the owner that he/she will accept. Some people shy away from them, believing it equivalent to buying a second-hand vehicle from a car hire firm. This will be returned to you at the end of the charter, less payments for any loss or damage.


You will also need to leave a €2000 refundable security deposit, which can be put on a Visa or Mastercard. If you’re a bigger group of close friends, she’s licenced for 8 people and two can sleep comfortably in the saloon. You can have the main cabin and private bathroom while your instructor has his/ her own space.

She’s a lovely size for a private course for two people. She has three cabins and two ‘heads’, and the main bathroom has a separate shower cubicle – no more wet floors!

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