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Oral and Dental Surgery from a Beverly Hills Dental Group Will Make You Smile Again

Tooth Care Myths and Better Practices

There are hundreds of over the counter, OTC, teeth care products along with products for the mouth, in general. There are products that have been around for decades, and of course tons of them that are relatively new. Just one example concerns tooth whiteners, and if you are too aggressive that can produce permanent damage. If you wear off the enamel on your teeth, then that will cause you a lot of headaches down the road. So be sure you exercise common sense, and you can very easily get the straight scoop from your favorite dentist.
There are quite a few factors to consider when you are taking care of your teeth.

The primary concept needed to take adequate care of your teeth comes from basic knowledge, as any dentist will tell you. You could even be putting your gums at risk if you do not floss correctly. Another thing to consider is the bristles in your toothbrush; which can have consequences for your teeth. Applying too much pressure when you brush your teeth could actually be detrimental. Actually, if you brush your teeth too much, you will risk wearing the enamel away sooner then its time. The best source for good dental care advice is surely from your dentist, who even without knowledge of the history of dentistry should be able to guide you to great results.

Non-waxed floss is the standard recommendation these days. Waxed floss is, though, sometimes the best option–like when you do not have a lot of space. But the counter argument is the floss diameter increases with the wax coating on it. There is wax with a smaller diameter now if you are really worried about the space that you do not have between your teeth. As with so many things, you may have to try different kinds of floss to find what works best for you. Also, do not be harsh on your gums while flossing so you do not cause damage to them.
If you regularly brush your teeth and still have issues with bad breath, then it is time to think beyond brushing. It is important to understand that your bad breath is most often caused by bacteria that has been allowed to grow for too long. Bad breath has other causes as well but you’ll only figure out what through the process of elimination.

Not flossing is another cause so look at that next. See if that has taken care of it and if you still suffer from the problem, that’s a good time to consult your dentist. Dental cavities from a general dentist like http://ebrahimidds.com/General_Dentist.html can help you recover from areas that have been untreated, and can also be a factor in this scenario. Make sure that your tongue doesn’t have an unusual coating on it. Brushing your tongue probably didn’t occur to you, but luckily you can get a good tongue scraper to help keep things clean. You should now be more aware of just how much power you have over the healthy maintenance of your teeth. The best time to start taking positive care of your teeth is yesterday, in other words make haste. Surely, you are aware of how much your dentist stresses preventative measures and this is a good place to start.

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