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Selecting a qualified Utah bankruptcy attorney

The purpose of of selecting a qualified Utah bankruptcy attorney at http://www.bnkut.com/ has to this point  addressed the need to consider: Location, Experience, Staffing and Specialization. Once you’ve taken those aspects into consideration you’ll want to refine your list. Certified attorneys can be a means to help refine your list. While attorneys must pass their State Bar Exam to become ‘practitioners of the law’, the quality in the practice of law varies from practitioner to practitioner as it does in any area of endeavor… Doctors, Dentists, Accountants et cetera. 
One way for an attorney to distinguish themselves from other bankruptcy attorneys is to become a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist. Not all State Bar Associations have a Bankruptcy Certification Program. However there’s also the American Board of Certification which is accepted by many State Bar Association as an acceptable authority in certifying bankruptcy attorneys as specialist. The list of §341 Meeting of Creditor locations provided in S3LIST shows which states have a State Bar Certification program and which State Bar Associations accept the American Board of Certifications practice of certifying attorneys as specialist. 
Even though your State Bar may provide a Bankruptcy Specialist Certification Program or they accept the American Board of Certification program, you should not limit your search to only bankruptcy certified specialist such as http://shortsaleadvocate.cc/. Certification is just one factor to consider when choosing who to represent you. There are many highly skilled consumer bankruptcy attorneys who can provide quality representation in both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases who have not been certified. 
Like any profession there are those who are highly skilled and those you may wonder how they ever became licensed to practice in law in the first place. A few have made the extra effort to become certified specialist which not only shows they can meet the strict requirements needed, they’re also demonstrating their intention to stand-out and show they’re dedication to be an expert in consumer bankruptcy matters and that they want to be a player and excel in that area of specialization. The Certification Program is another means you may find helpful when considering who to represent you. 
Understand that not all Certified Bankruptcy Specialist practice “Consumer Bankruptcy” Law. Some represent “Business Bankruptcy” matters (Chapter 11’s) exclusively, others may only represent ‘Creditors’ while some may work for the ‘Government’, usually for the U.S. Trustees’ Office or the Bankruptcy Court system. You’re looking for a Consumer Certified Bankruptcy Specialist (CBS) who represent Debtors thanks to http://utahchapter13bankruptcy.com.
While it’s extremely important to find a highly skilled and reputable consumer Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 attorney who practices in your §341 Meeting of Creditors area, now with; fax, email, Skype, cell phones, electronic filings and telephonic court appearances, the need to have your bankruptcy attorney’s office down the street from your home or your workplace isn’t as important as it used to be. Generally you’ll have about 3 to 5 appointments before your case is filed with the court. Retaining someone in your §341 area is close enough since your emphasis should be on retaining someone who’s highly skilled and has a good professional reputation in your §341 Meeting area. 
You should meet with your attorney as often as needed but at least once during the pre-filing period when your case is being developed and your Petition is being prepared. It’s much more important to retain quality representation from someone who’s a highly skilled specialist familiar with the local practice and players than it is to retain someone who’s convenient, inexpensive or who may not meet some of the other considerations emphasizes.

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