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The Cost Benefits of Corporate Apartments

Picking out the right corporate apartments can be difficult for any medium or large sized business. The one I work for is a key example. For a long time, we made all of our corporate accommodations through hotels. After all, there were a good many luxury hotels in the area, and many of them offered reasonable business packages that kept our foreign partners happy. The problem came when we started to have longer and longer trips between offices. First of all, the cost of having executives staying in executive suites for months at a time was astounding, especially in an expensive city like Aberdeen. We were trying to tighten our purse strings, without sacrificing the comfort of our people. Besides that, we found that our corporate executives like to have a residence with a more homey feel. Even in the best of hotels, there is little or no privacy. That is when we started looking at luxury serviced apartments as an option.
Finding and maintaining a corporate apartment is tricky even in the best of circumstances. The problem is that it is so difficult to calculate the costs and benefits well ahead of time. Many companies don’t know when and where their executives will have to travel to, but short term apartments have problems of their own. Arranging for everything to be properly set up in a corporate serviced apartment on a short-term basis can be a logistical nightmare. Some corporate apartments are very well run, and make communications easy. With other ones, however, good luck getting anything done in a timely fashion!
That is why the management of corporate apartments is so crucial. In any given city, you will be able to find dozens of apartments that fit your needs. You won’t necessarily be able to find dozens of apartment management offices that fit your needs, however. If you are paying the kind of money that corporate apartments cost, you should expect to always be dealing with professional people willing to practically bend over backwards in order to help you out. If you don’t find these kind of people at one corporate apartment, go on and rent a different one. It is worth the time spent looking around in the first place. Send out a scout well ahead of time, and you will be happy you did later. After all, having the logistics in place will make everything easier when you need to set up medium or long term lodging at the last minute.

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