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The Disadvantages Of Not Using Clash Of Clans Hacks

Clash of clans hacks are necessary in difficult to win games like clash of clash. Don’t be discouraged, if you are a newbie in strategy games like this, know that it is easy to operate but winning isn’t as it involves adopting mental prowess to win the day. A lot of people aren’t so gifted in that area, and if they are, the time and patience to utilize it and let the game swing their way is lacking. Today, people play games more to while-away time and less for enjoyment. Time for just having fun has been encroached by the need to make more money from several sources of income. So, people tend to play games while waiting for appointments, on the road oscillating in-between jobs, traveling to meet up with dates or appointments, and so on. It is therefore wise to achieve two things which is excitement and idle-away time. In playing clans game, you need multiple gems, coins, dark elixir and other resources which may not be available when you need them. Sometimes, you may need to use money to buy gems but with hacks you don’t have to buy anything. No doubt, hacks are of huge benefits to games like this and everyone knows that for a fact. On the flip side, some drawbacks and weaknesses inherent in the game will be revealed without the use of hacks, what are they?

Clash of clans more than a game

When playing the game you cannot help the dejavu experience that comes wafting through your mind reminding you of the real world. Surely, there are bits and pieces of the real world represented in the game. A world where you have to fight to get anything you want. A world where the strong in every sense of the word, fights to usurp, and rule the weak and the faints at heart, so, in a nutshell, playing the games means you must assume the position of the strong. Taking the position of the strong goes beyond physical strength, you must have what it takes to win. In battle, winning is only achieved through combination of resources which are presented in the games. For example, there is the gems, coins, gold, and elixir which symbolizes wealth and resources required for winning the enemies. Add all these to skills of effective strategic planning using logical reasoning, victory in battle will be a sure thing.

The game is set up in a way that makes resources available to people that fights, achieve success in a task, and win ultimately. However, due to the intricacies of the game, failure is as imminent as the sun rising and falling in a day. The fact is, the set up of the game encourages spending and when you put this side by side with frequent situations in the game that requires buying gems, and then you will agree that hacking in the game is necessary. So without much delay below are some fix you would unknowingly find yourself if you don’t adopt the use of clash clans hacks.

Constant failure

The game plan is created to have more of loses than success. It is because the requirement that must be possessed for constant success is hard to accomplish. You need to have a brain that evaluates fast and with an ease of a professional. You must also need to think strategically, be patient to take advantages of your enemy’s weaknesses. Waiting takes time and effort that very few people possess. One of the major strategy is offensive gaming which involves waiting purposely to spot your enemy’s weakness, observe their structures and see how you can manipulate and destroy. Now how many people have time for that luxury? The inability to wait and plan is one of the major reasons for failure in the game.

Spend more

According to Leif Johnson, clash of clans game-play is seriously biased to persuade players to buy gems. In the game it is common to constantly require gems to help you out of tight corners. When you have to buy your way out of tight corners frequently, you will spend a lot of money, even more than you can afford.

Boredom, no excitement

Not using hacks can create boredom, and frustration – not fun at all.

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